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 Today, Korea’s shipbuilding industry is changing.

In order to match the flow of the rapidly developing international shipbuilding industry,
it is time to introduce a competitive differentiated system with technical capabilities.

Cadwin System to present a new paradigm of the shipbuilding industry

Cadwin System was established in 2000, and ever since 2001, we have developed and spread our
CadwinNesting software. CadwinNesting has been adopted by major shipyards in South Korea, with occupying 80% of the nesting software market in South Korea.

If used, Cadwin can design a pre-optimized size and aid in purchasing the most suitable parts for the process
of purchasing the iron plate required to manufacture ships.
now, worldwidely 30 kinds of nesting S/Ws, in the situation of 10 nesting S/Ws are using in Japan. Cadwin is
the first nesting software from Korea that is being used in Japan.

Cadwin develops and manages program for Hull product informatioin, Vessel cable and shipbuilding design. Our programs are not only successful in Korea but have gained popularity in China and Japan - and we further strive and push ourselves towards the global enterprise.

Leading the industry through practical technology fusion

The globally acclaimed Cadwin program is based on integrating a series of processes generally
performed in the shipbuilding industry. It functions as a program that improves operational efficiency of shipbuilding design, management and production.

The process involved with the construction of a ship requires advanced technological capabilities as well as capital investment; moreover production procedure and process are highly divided. Cadwin provides programs that curtails these strenuous procedures - which then decreases the course work time and minimizes the production cost. Below are products that maximize the outcome of our program and reflect our extensive IT-experience.

Nesting Cadwin Nesting
Hull information system Spis
Draw automation Easy Design
Ship cables Information Management Cable Express
Ship Piping Information Management Cadwin Pipe
Hull welding length calculated Cadwin Weld
Hull paint area calculation Cadwin Paint

Breaking through the global shipbuilding industry with our technical capabilities

The software that Cadwin System developed is professionally specialized in the production process of raw materials - and its technical capabilities are acclaimed globally with clients from China, Japan Vietnam and more.

With aggressive R & D and differentiated technology business in the world to announce the win of Korea is a small challenge of Cadwin System.


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