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CadwinNesting Overview

CadwinNesting is a nesting program that is used to dynamically nest parts to a single sheet of steel

Aims to nest parts in the optimal condition to improve scrap ratio

Automatically arranges required quantities of parts to be produced on sheets of stock material by using part geometry from CAD files to the output NC code that controls a cutting machine

Work Flow

Imports part-shape information from CAD systems (AVEVA Marine, Foran, Smart Machine, AutoCAD, etc.)

Generates indenting nesting for the purchase of steel, nesting and NC data for cutting

Also provides links with many kinds of ERP systems

Cadwin GUI configuration

- Friendly GUI environment
- Window menus and toolbars provide
- Cadwin unique offer side toolbar
- Cadwin unique offer HOTKEY
- Tribon HOTKEY offer
- Move the mouse automatically display graphic information
- Mark the configuration point of the mouse movement shapes
   (OBJECT SNAP function of AUTOCAD)
- Database management offer
   (Block, Part ease of DB Management)

Major Features

- High-speed, high-performance auto nesting capabilities
- Economical NC code to increase cutting throughput
- Smooth material flow
- Integrated nesting system that covers Plate, Profile and FlatBar
  nesting in one window
- With such functions, CadwinNesting:
- Saves replacement of electrode of plasma cutting machines
- Improves scrap ratio with CadwinNesting’s database of remaining
- Improves efficiency and curtails working time

Basic functions

01. Database Management

- Database management offer
- Other Block placement and information retrieval is easy

02. Compatible with a variety of file formats

- CadinNesting accepts various file formats including, but not limited to

03. Data sorting and filter function

- Provision of sorting and filtering features various Summary Data


- CADWIN those developed newly developed and existing utilizing
  internal Plug-In function freely available

05. Symbol

- Provide a variety of Symbol function
- Often easier to create a symbol to be used, it can be used to search.

06. Multi-language support

- Basically to support English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

Part Generation

01. Range function

- Part shape objectified - shape information DataBase save
- DWG, DXF, ESSI, EIA, IGS, GEN, … Read after the objectification

02. N/C Code Convert

- Save a variety of N/C Code (eia, essi ..) the shape information to
- It can be output to re-Nesting and another form of the N/C Code

03. Pis File Edit Panel

- Can be stored in the DB generates an easily FlatBar in text input
  while watching the View.
- Just Text input in the PLS file format FlatBar, Profile save the like to
  the DB

04. Quick Part

- Bracket, Clip, Collar Plate, FlatBar, such as a simple shape of the part
  I can easily and quickly generate.
- At the input of the constant Parameter only it can generate a simple

05. The residual material generated / Register

- Remainder (irregular remainder) can be generated automatically by a
  certain criteria, management is also possible.
- Preferentially you can Nesting.

Placement function

01. Multi-Nesting

- Nesting unit of work LOT, BLOCK, cutting series, mixing Nesting etc.,
  can be used as desired of worker

02. Manual Nesting

- After Auto Nesting, manually move function providing between

03. PROFILE Nesting

- Profile Nesting function provides

04. Material/Thickness UP

- Selective positionable on the material or thickness are different

Cutting order

01. HOLE priority cutting

- Function providing that you can Hole inside the small part is Nesting
  priority cutting

02. Various Bridge

- Various Bridge offer
- Bridge, Pbridge, X-Bridge


- Function provides to Verify the cutting order before NC Data

Drawing generation

01. Rev S / SL

- Amendment drawing processing

02. The various drawings generation(Plat)

- Plat drawing generation

03. The various drawings generation(Profile)

- Plat, FlatBar, Profile, etc., it will support a variety of drawings.

04. The various drawings generation(FlatBar)

- Plat, FlatBar, Profile, etc., it will support a variety of drawings.

05. Part shape drawing

- The output part shape information along with the part information


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