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Easy Draw Overview

A software that consists of functions necessary for work diagram generations, Easy Draw generates accurate diagram drawings and minimizes the user’s work time.

Revision management function

- Using the information generated from EasyDraw and cognize
  amendments if revision occurred in the model, EasyDraw
  automatically modifies/reflects every time the user uses the “Model
  Recreate” function.
- If information is added, modified or deleted, it is then automatically
  reflected accordingly in the drawing.
- The position, font, color, etc. that the user modifies will be maintained
  and the revised data will be updated.
- Provides an optional “simple check” and “selective information
-Automatically scans and inspects for any modified items in the
  selected drawing
-Users can select item modification by using the check list.
-According to the type of modified drawing, there are
  Modify/Redraw/Delete classification displays

Customize Function

- Users can alter the color, font and size of the information to be
  displayed and the actual content of the displayed information
- Supports outputs from special forms by creating a separate function
- Through the INI configuration file sharing, EasyDraw can support
  same form of work between all designers

Major Features

01. 01. Main Item-EasyDraw

- Automatically displays information on stiffener, bracket, hole, plate,
  flange, notch, touch panel, clip, etc. according to the selected panel
- Besides the information to be displayed, users may also personalize
  the output adjustment in the form desired.

02. EasyAssemblyInfo

- Apart from the panel/plate, combined information on attached angles
  (such as stiffener and flange) and its vertical
  dimension/horizontal dimension may be displayed on screen.
- Displays information regarding the U/V direction shrinkage

03. EasyWeldSymbol

- Welding leg length can be easily displayed through selecting symbols
- Select the kind of symbol and enter the text to be displayed
  above/below (the symbol)

04. EasyRuler

- Displays a ruler and dimensions on the drawing directing towards
  position the user selects
- Users can personalize features and alter the ruler interval, text
  attributes, etc.
- Display the cumulative/interval dimensions
- Mould Symbol display function

05. EasyHatching

- Display hatching information on blocks that is not currently worked on
- Alter attribute settings for the information display through the optional

06. EasyBevel

- Displays bevel information on the seam or boundary of the panel
- Bevel output information: type, side (FOR / AFT, TOP, BOT, SB / PS),

07. EasyMargin

- Automatically displays information regarding the seam, limit or margin
  of the panel on the drawing
- Select the position of the information display through the optional
  feature (Automatic or manual)

08. EasyBuilt-up

- View the information of the Built Up member
- Individually display the information of the panel name, face, web, etc.
  that is affiliated with the Built-up


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