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SmartJig Overview

- A system for optimization of Shell Jig
- Uses the 3D model to set the Base plane and calculate the height of
  Jig Pillar
- Uses the user-friendly, simple Axis Handle can finely adjust the
  transformation matrix
- Saves the final state in a DWG/DXF format

Main Functions

- Extract 3D Model from Tribon/AM
- Generate itself lighter files in a dedicated extraction program
- Rotation of the 3D Model, enlargement / reduction, easy movement
- Easy-to-read screen configuration
- Transparency application function
- Wireframe/Shading function
- Selection/Preselection function
- Visualization of the work surface plate (Row/Column)
- Mark-up Dimension Display
- Display/Hide function
- Setting functions of the various Base plane
- Base plane adjustment using the Dynamic Axis Handle
- Of the four corner height adjustment feature
- Frame / Waterline angle adjustment function
- Real-time calculation of Pin Level considering the plate thickness of
  the outer panel
- It can be considered an internal material model.
- Automatic welding (FGB) possible length calculation
- Calculation of Jig Pin another distributed load
- Multi-block Level calculation
- Additional Jig Pillar function
- 2D Draft function
- Auto Pin Jig drawing generation
- DWG/DXF Format support

3D Model Extraction

- Uses Tribon/AM to extract 3D model composition with both internal
  part and external part model in block units
- 3D model can be generated as our own lightweight file
- Extraction of Hull, Seam and Profile curve

3D Viewer

- Viewer for 3D Model display and select operation
- Easy to rotate, enlarge, reduce or move the 3D model
- An easy-to-read screen configuration
- Transparency application function
- Wireframe/ Shading function
- Selection/ Preselection fucntion
- Visualization of work base plane (Row/ Column)
- Mark-up Dimension displays
- Display/ Hide function)


- Plane rotation, the conversion by the axis movement

Level Calculation

- Real-time calculation of Pin Level with consideration
  of the thickness of shell plate
- Can consider the internal part model
- Calculation of available length of automatic welding
- Calculation of Multi-block-level
- Can consider the internal part model
- Additional Jig Pillar function

Pin Jig Drawing

- Automatically generates Pin Jig drawing
- 2D Draft function
- Offers an editing/ printing and generating function of a 2D Pin Jig
- Supports DWG/DXF formats saving


- Enhance the arrangement of Jig Pillar
- Display the height of inner part on the Jig drawing
- Can check inner part during arrangement of Jig Pilla
- Placement of multi block Jig Pillar
- Can uses Jig Pillar deployment function to flat panel parts
- No additional modeling is needed for arrangement of flat panel parts
- Arrangement of the Jig Pillar through the rotation and movement of
  the model
- Calculation of Jig Level in Real-time while moving and rotating
  the model
- Real-time update of various information
- Optimization of the available length of Auto welding
- Can automatically selects the Base Plane in the longest auto welding


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