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SmartLander Overview

- A 3D Profile Landing system specialized for shell plate
- Generates various curves by using the DML Hull form file
- Modifies and places Profile in 3-D after designating the boundary
  region and arrangement interval

Main Functions

- Ability to read the DML surface
- Generates curves
- Edits curves
- Automatic landing according to the established interval arrangement
- Inspects torsions
- Landing modification (midpoint interval correction between Profile,
  angle on both ends, etc.)
- Separate Block ranges that includes Landing completed Profile and
  supervises block sectored structure material
- Global Shell Expansion
- Local Unit Surface Development
- Curves & Profiles Tribon / AM Interface
- Shell Expansion 2D DXF Interface
01. DML Hull Form Loading

- Read and display the surface and curves created externally
- Offers Shading functions
02. Curve Create

- Using the DML curved surface to generate a variety of curves
  necessary to Landing
03. Profile Landing

- Using the generated curve to arrange and modify the Profile
04. Block Division

- Spilt profiles that completed Landing to block units
05. Shell Expansion

- 3D exposed profile and generated curve on 2D
06. Data Interface

- Curves & Profiles XML Interface


- Since a DML file is used, it can generate many types of curves.
- It may be taken out of the manually fixed two-dimensional view
- Since the placement simulation of Seam and Profile is possible, it will
  improve efficiency and curtail working time.
- Profiles can have so powerful curve amending function after Landing,
  that intuitive amending is possible
- It can calculate a deployment shape that is a better quality than the
  Tribon deployment shape
- It is very useful to interface the work results in Tribon and AM

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