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SmartRudder Overview

- SmartRudder is a program that enables simulation on Various
  conditions to produce an optimal Rudder to satisfy the various
  guidelines of the users. This simulation is pivotal for producing a
  rudder for the steering role of the ship.
- SmartRudder has the ability to automatically generate 3D models or
  2D drawings on the AVAVA Marine, based on the model that is
  generated after simulation from the SmartRudder.

Main Functions

- Automatically generates surfaces and can be used for extra
- Rule Based automatic modeling function
- Rule Based Rudder automatic modeling
- As it is a Rudder specific modeling program, the operation is
  convenient and easy
- While adjusting information and values such as the model geometry
  information, placement information and attribute value, it compares
  the calculations and finds the case with the optimal weight of the ship
- Possesses the ability to accurately calculate the exact weight of small
  parts such as the curved panel, hole and scallop
- AM Interface function
- Generates the same information regarding the Smart Rudder on AMs
- Calculation functions regarding other additional information
- applying the section modulus, Wcog, and the model information,
  additional information can be generated
01. Automatic Generation of Surface

- After (externally) analyzing the curve offset information file of the
  surface, it displays the surface geometry information on View
- Automatic generation of the main surface , Skeg, Trunk, Hub, and
  Roundbar Surface
02. Automatic Modeling

- Automatic generation of Hull Panel in accordance to the View
  Sequence order
- Automatic construction of Hole and Notch in accordance to the panel
  position and area
- When modifying panel information, there are automatic modifications
  on related information
- Automatic calculation of optimized thickness and grade information
03. Simple Modification Function

- Ability to modify simple information such as View, Shll Panel, Seam
  and Hull Panel
- Ability to modify individual attributes of each model
- While modifying the model, related information is automatically
  calculated and any fixes are reflected (noted)
04. Weight Automatic Calculation Function

- After the user tests a variety of cases, the optimal case is applied
- Manages the final selection of project by organizing it by color
05. AM Interface Function

- Models the same Smart Rudder geometry information on AM
- When an error occurs while working on xml or sch Run, the items
  included in the error list are automatically fixed and rerun
06. Automatic Drawing Creation Function

- Automatic generation of 2D drawing based on the modeling
07. Casting Generation Function

- Volume modeling of Casting area
- Automatic generation of Surface & Compartment Tool’s Surface Macro (This is done by utilizing Macro and registering in the AM surface)
- Automatic calculation of weight using volume


- Minimizing costs by modeling Rudder of optimal weight
- Quality improvement due to accurate generation of model information
  and generation of standardized drawing
- Improved utilization and “reuse ratio” of information by sharing turn
  ship information that was based on information import and export

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